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Hello 2018.02.17 Ryo
Next time I will invite my friends like stars even in the summer and I want to come back again

In the local, since we can hardly see the stars, we found that in a sightseeing trip, I thought that the accommodation where the starry sky is visible is good. Since the astronomical observation is influenced by the weather, it is unfortunate that it ends up disappointing if it is not good, but here it is very good to be able to fully enjoy the stars, such as the planetarium can be seen. I thought that French seems not to be full, but I am satisfied that I can change baked bread and eat lots of dishes. Everything was really tasty. ...

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2016.10.13 Mr. Kadota
From the moment of entering the garden seems to have entered another world

From the moment I entered the garden I was able to spend a beautiful relaxing time as I entered another world. I appreciate hearty thanks to beautiful music, delicious food, warm hospitality Thanks to my heart for clouds, the astronomical observation did not come true, but it was a memorable journey that I could touch when the universe was eternal. I would definitely like to visit again. I'm really thankful to you. ...

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Hi {N} Nishikawa
Even the main body of the telescope was spectacular

Since I had heard that I had wanted to come from before and tourists in Minami Aso, fewer tourists, so I stayed with the work here. Unfortunately it was regrettable that we could not observe with the telescope because of the rain, but the content of the planetarium (especially the picture around the Great Wall) was very interesting, and even the main body of the telescope was spectacular. I will definitely come back to the revenge. I will spend my meals and services properly and slowly ...

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2016.05.09 Ms. Noda
Everyone of the staff was working well and so I am relieved

Although I was extremely worried about South Aso due to the earthquake and landslides this time, I was worried very much, but I was relieved because everyone of the staff was able to use Observatory and planetarium and was working well. Thank you very much in the uncomfortable situation. I would like to use it again someday, so thank you. ...

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Hi 2014.06.21 -
I want to know the starry sky at the summer solstice night

I wanted to know the starry sky at night of the summer solstice, I stopped by the planetarium. It seemed to be a rainy season, unfortunately it was raining, but I slowly explained about the stars and it was a very satisfying time. Despite the sudden request, I was happy to stay and was very much appreciated. Thank you very much. ...

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2014.01.06 Dear Namada,
I hope the weather will be sunny.

Check the empty room on the homepage and then the weather forecast is staggering. This is also my pleasure (I hope the weather will be sunny ...?) The correspondence of the staff is also polite. ...

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2013.09.27 Mr. Kodama
The fluctuation of the light of the raw star is incomprehensible

Once in my life, I wanted to see the stars with a big telescope. I was thinking about a round of Kyushu during the summer vacation, and I learned about this facility. The fluctuation of the light of the raw star is incomprehensible and I had a very good experience. Below, it is not a voice, but most of vending machines were sold out, so if you could replenish · · ·. Because there is no refrigerator, it is in the mountains .... ...

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2013.05.06 Mr. U.S.
Impressed by Arcturus looking beautiful

I used it as a solo traveler in Kumamoto. I like astronomy, so I was fascinated by the place with an observatory. Guest room was large, it was beautiful, and food was very delicious, too! ! The astronomical observation was blessed with weather, and Saturn and 2 satellites, Arcturus looked beautiful and moved. When I asked the name of the satellite, I was deeply moved by the correspondence of the staff who properly examined by the morning of the next day. Next time with friends and family ...

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2013.04.08 Mr. Inagaki
A nice starry sky for delicious rice

The observatory is the best reason. I was excited to hear that the meal was delicious and ate it, but it was very tasty. Bread was very delicious I replaced him. The stars are also very beautiful and very satisfied. In other words, it is worrisome that the garbage in the front of the room was inside the basket. But I got a nice starry sky for such delicious rice so I had a very good time. Ah...

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2013.03.22 Mr. Miyake
Unbelievably comfortable

I was incredibly comfortable and wonderful. I wish we had tissue paper and cup (paper cup, 1 more) in the room. ...