Look at the stars

I was surrounded by fine weather!

Co-star with Subaru meteor shower and comet Wiltanen, Subaru


12 / 14 shooting, comet of the Gemini meteor shower and Wiltanen
12 / 14 shooting, comet of the Gemini meteor shower and Wiltanen

Gemini meteor shower and comet Wiltanen @ Hoshigahara ★ 12 / 14 gold 21:00 - 22:30 shooting

South Aso, blessed with fine weather! Many guests enjoyed the meteor shower while sleeping in the sleeping bag in the hotel's Hoshigagahara^^


To lie down and enjoy the meteor shower, romantic ♬ As everyone's wishes come true ...


Comet Wiltanen is shining bright green this year, it became one piece which can only be taken this year


Photo: Light metering comparing meteors between 21:00 - 22:30 with star reference. Location: Hoshigahara (South Aso Luna Observatory)

Approach of "comet" Wiltanen "Subaru" (12 / 16)
Approach of "comet" Wiltanen "Subaru" (12 / 16)

The approach of Subaru (Pleiades cluster) and comet Wiltanen ★ 12 / 16 photography

I photographed Wiltanen periodic comet and "Subaru" appearing side by side approaching the earth to 0.08 AU (about 1200 million).


The comet Wiltanen got brighter as expected, and now it is about 3 grade. If it is a dark place in the sky, it became brightness visible to the naked eye.


Since the comet is approaching the Earth, the amount of movement is large, and it is only in the last few days that Subaru approaches so much.

If you challenge the starry sky photo, the last few days are a chance! If you would like to check with your own eyes, let's go out to the dark suburbs of the sky with a binocular (even a small one OK!) And challenge.


By the way, it seems that comets and Subaru seem to line up at first glance, ... in real space, the tremendous distance of about 440 light years (over 4100 trillion km) is gaining and shining is.

Shooting 11 / 29, comet Wiltanen
Shooting 11 / 29, comet Wiltanen
Subaru (Pleiades star cluster) 2018 Winter shooting