★ Sponsored by La Scala Opera __ 184 times dinner concert

"From flute masterpiece 31 election"


The 184 times dinner concert

"From flute masterpiece 31 election"



Flute: Miki Yasutake

Piano: Mikami Hoshi


⑴ g.u. Faure
⑵ g.
Minuet than "Woman of Arles"
⑶h. Stec Mest
Fantasia by 'Wings of Song'
⑷ n. A. Rimsky = Korsakov
Bear bee's flight
⑸. C. Saint-Saëns
⑹a.f. Doppler
Hungarian country fantasia
The 184 times dinner concert

Western music history and musicians 

The 23rd "Laurent de la Musse de Flanders Orchestra"

Minami Aso Luna Observatory · Atelier in the forest Takashi Miyamoto 2017.10.22


Laurent de Lasse (Orlando di Rasso) (1532-1594) is a musician representing the latter Flanders Orchestra.

Many Flemish-born musicians, starting with Johannes Okegeme, have led the music throughout Europe for about 150 years from the middle of the 15 century and built one era. It was because the cathedral attached choir of each city in the Flemish province had a system to select outstanding talent, educate it, and send it to various parts of Europe.

Rasus will also receive education at the Sejikora Association's choir of the city of Mons who is Belgium now, but at the age of 12 he enters Sicilian Vice King Gonzaga choir and goes around Mantua, Sicily, Milan, and so on. After that, he gains a job in Naples and Rome, but in 1556 he became a court musician of the Bavarian Albrecht 5 in Munich, and eventually promoted to musical chorus. There were many invitations from each court of Europe, etc. to that fame which grows with the passing of years, but I will stay in that job without living in it.


Las Smith is a prolific composer, and it is said that he left the work of 2000 songs in his life.

All works are voiced and composed in Latin, French, Italian and German. Many Latin Mass songs, motets of 530 songs, Italian Madrigal and Villanella in 175 songs, French Chanson in 150 songs, German REIT in 90 songs. Lansus who was proficient in languages ​​produced lyrics and music in their respective languages ​​and produced a dramatic expression in which the inflection of words, rhythm and harmony developed colorfully.


These collections of works were published repeatedly and repeatedly, and Ramesus was praised as "king of music", "Orpheus of Belgium", and so on. In addition, we can grant the rank of golden spur from Pope Gregorian 13 world, but this was a very unusual example, as a musician, only after Mozart received. Lasse was the most famous and influential composer in Europe at the end of the 16 century.


Well, it is an era of Flemish School factions that lasted 150 years, but due to the influence of the independence war and so on eventually occurred between Flemish region and Spain, the musicians active in Europe could not live their late years in their later years , And the influence of the music of the next era that is about to be born in Italy, it will eventually end.

Laurent de Lassus became a giant star who adorned the final of the Flemish school.


See also: Tatsuo Minagawa "Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance", Akio Okada "History of Western Music", Walter Zalmen "Portraits of Musicians 409", etc.