The 178 times dinner concert

"Flute Duo of Love"


Presented by La Scala Orchestra

The 178 times dinner concert

"Flute Duo of Love"



Yuzumi Shimada (flute)

yasutake miki (flute)

Haruko Shibata (piano)


♬ 1. E. Elgar Composition Love greetings

♬ 2. F. List Composition Ai no dream

♬ 3. E. Kohler's composition flower waltz

♬ 4. L. Danza composition Funikuri · Funikura

♬ 5. F. From Mendelssohn 's Midsummer Night's Dream' Scherzo

♬ 6. F. Doppler composition American small duplex

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Series: Western music history and musicians 

The 18th "Johannes Okegem"

Minami Aso Luna Observatory · Atelier of the Forest Takashi Miyamoto 2017.09.10


Musicians such as Guillaume Duffy and Jill Bansho from Flemish (Southern Netherlands, West Belgium, Northern France) played an active part in Burgundian court, which was called the Burgundian school and announced the beginning of Renaissance music It was around the beginning of the 15 century.


After that, a lot of musicians from Flemish appeared following them, and from the middle of the 15 century to the end of the 16 century, I decided to lead music all over Europe. I call this Flanders Orchestra. That period is as long as 150 years, which is comparable to the German musical scale from modern Bach to Wagner, the mainstream of classical music.


Johannes Okegem ((around 1410 ~ 1497) is the composer representing the early stage of that Flemish composition.


After serving as a church choir chief of Antwerp, he became French court chairman and served in France Charles 7 society, Louis 11, Charles 8 society, as a bus singer and polyphony landlord It was done.

There are not many songs told today, such as 14 songs of songs, but the music has a melody of each voice part piling up thickly without breaks, its rich expression power and extraordinary composition By the technique, we are building our own moving world. As a musician, at that time in Europe was an outstanding entity, he was a composer who was collecting a lot of respect.


At the time of his death, many musicians dedicated mourning songs.

Among other things, the work of the great composer Josquin des Prés, which is regarded as a successor to the music history of Okegem, is famous, "God of destiny has caught Okegem, the treasure of that music, Oh, Josquin, Bleumeru, de la Rieu, compare, singing a garment of sorrow, now living dead father, let 's tears.

The names that come out in the songs are all famous composers who followed Okegem, and Okegemu who was longed for by my father from them was like Papa Haydn who was later adored as the father of symphonies later Maybe it was.



See also: Tatsuo Minagawa "Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance", Walter Zalmen "Portraits of Musicians 409", Akio Okada "History of Western Music" and others