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Look at the stars 2018.07.23

"planet's summer" in 2018! i caught it! 3 planets "mars, saturn, jupiter" in the night sky of minami aso

2018 year 7 month Saturn taken by our hotel 2018 year 7 month Jupiter in our shooting 2018 year 7 month 3 planets floating near the beautiful Milky Way viewed from Mars South Aso. I photographed Mars and Saturn / Jupiter, which are approaching for the first time in 15 years, at Luna Observatory. This is a picture ... How do you see the real thing in your eyes? If you participate in the astronomical observation tour at Luna Observatory, you will understand! Hoshi ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.23

[7 moon] if you see the planet ... now! ! ! ! by Kano

The planets are waiting ~~ (* ^ 0 ^ *) This picture is the starry sky of the planetarium of 21:30 ★ ★ Jupiter, Saturn, and that Mars in that topic are lining up! 7 Because it is the best time to see the moon, do not miss this opportunity ♪ Let's go to Mars Travel! ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.22

【2 weeks until Mars' great approach ☆ There are various ways to enjoy! ! (7 ~ {2 Month)】 by Sonokkee

Mars closer approaching closer 2 weeks away! Recently, Sonokki has various ways to enjoy ('Д') It looks like a pattern with a telescope, looks at the color with a binoculars on hand, takes a picture, it is bright enough to enjoy even with the naked eye ☆ There is a discovery and it's a lot of fun ♪ If you miss this year's closest approach, the next time you get closer than now is 17 years .... Let's enjoy this year's Mars with various ways of enjoying ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.20

[7 moon - 8 moon] How about a beer ♪ under the starry sky? ! by Kano

Hot summer has arrived ~~~! ! ! South Aso which seems to be cool is also over 30 degrees. Sweat There is a beer that is perfect for such summer ♪ ♪ That name also "Ginga Takahara beer" ☆ ☆ It is good to drink while watching the stars in Hoshigahara ~ (* ^^ *) Let's Go to Mars Travel! ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.16

"Magical door" 【Planetarium】 Mars observation ... ♪ 7,8,9 moon】 by Kano

☆ ★ The door of the dream is front side ★ ☆ "It's here! ~!" Although it is surprisingly surprised by the customer ... The planetarium of the hotel is next to the front desk ♪ ♪ When you open the door there is a dream The world ... (* ^^ *) It is a place of magic that excites any weather ☆ Let's go to Mars travel! ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.13

【☆ ★ Now approaching ★ ☆】 "Mars is called" Mars "by Kano"

Is Mars derived from being called Mars? ! ... It dates back to the thought of ancient China "five-way thought"! ★ The five-way thought is thought of an ancient Chinese philosophy of nature, that all things are made up of five elements "tree", "fire", "soil", "gold", "water". In ancient China, the existence of five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) was already known. Each has an old name, Mars ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.12

【Let's see the Milky Way this summer! Best time to see ~ 10 moon] by Sonokey

Tanabata is July 7th! Tanabata is Milky Way. So I released a lot of photos of the Milky Way I've taken so far! ! There are also pictures of Orihime Star and Hikoboshi properly in the middle ☆ There are 2 stars that are brightly shining with the Milky Way in between. It is clearly shown in the photograph, but it is difficult to see the Milky Way so far with the naked eye .... However, if it is a dark place it is moery but it looks proper! And ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.08

Congratulation! Proposal Grand Prix successful! ! 【Tanabata Night】 by Kano

一生忘れられない素敵な思い出になりました♪     昨日、七夕の夜プラネタリウムにてサプライズプロポーズが行われました! プロポーズは見事大成功(*^^*) 幸せそうなお二人を見て、私たちスタッフも幸せな気持ちになりました★   写真はプロポーズ後のお二人♪ 幸せはここに ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.05

★ 7 Moon - 8 Moon ★ Tanabata seen from Mars by Kano

Actually Tanabata can be done on Mars! ! ! ... may sound exaggerating a little bit (laugh) You can see Bega and Altair from Mars to Tanabata Star (* ^^ *) Hey, here you go to Mars in space planetarium , I can see it properly ♪ One day I can go to Mars, and on Mars ...

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Look at the stars 2018.07.03

Exciting on Mars ♪ by concierge of stars Star ★ Paulie

Thinking of watching Mars on a telescope, you are the best romance! ! It is strange to think that the ground is on the ground and the rocky rocks and that the spacecraft is actually moving! It is small when you look at the telescope, but it is very deeply appreciated when you think that this earthly body that you can see now also has ground !! I hope you all enjoy this feeling ,,, In the 7 moon Entering, 22 past, very red stars are rising ...

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